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I am not really sure where these kind of topics belong… anyway, I really stoked about Last Epoch! I used to be a really passionate Diablo 2 player (as it was my first online game) and have been looking for a similar game for quite some time now. That ‘Diablo 2’ feeling somehow came back when playing the pre-alpha (on linux which is so awesome, thanks!) that you offered on Kickstarter. It’s also the first thing I have backed on Kickstarter.

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I am looking forward to play Last Epoch! :slight_smile:



a passionate Linux gamer

Hi there,

It’s great to hear that you’ve been enjoying the demo!

Mind if I ask which distro is your favourite? :slight_smile: I like Solus, but recently I’ve been on Ubuntu for QA.

I am mainly using Arch Linux because I kinda like to have always the newest packages even though if it means that something could break. If something breaks there is usually a quick fix available either on the news section of the website or somewhere in the forums/wiki.

I haven’t tried Solus yet but I am following it closely as well - I just never had a real reason to reinstall my system :).

I have installed Ubuntu on my parents Laptop as it’s the easiest OS to maintain when using a LTS version imho :slight_smile: