Text Size Adjustment Option in Settings (Helpful for Visually Impaired Players)

I did a search before posting this and all of them appeared to die off, so I’m creating another around this subject from an accessibility perspective as well as considering players with visual limitations or disabilities.

As a gamer, one of the things that truly irks me is that 80% of game developers utilize tiny text or text that’s good enough for general players. As a legally blind individual, its very important to myself as well as others in similar shoes to be able to scale text for better readability across the board.

Quests, story dialogue, loot drops, etc. Personally the settings/menu text is overall great, but in-game text seems like a 10-12 font on 1920x1080.

To make this game accessible to as many people as possible, I truly believe it’s imperative for devs to include text resizing for their games, and I’m currently loving Last Epoch and this particular setting would help me and other visually impaired folks love it even more.

Glasses/contacts are actually not always a solution for many eye conditions as they affect the eye differently, such as Ocular Albinism, which doesn’t directly act upon the eye, rather development of rods/cones and pigmentation. Cataracts and other genetic/degenerative issues tend to affect the eye directly and solutions exist to make those conditions better, if not normal.

That said, I hope to see this option taken seriously and integrated in the game in future updates and hope those in similar shoes will upvote this, as well as those who generally want to resize text for further enjoyment of Last Epoch. Hopefully we can keep this one going so devs understand the importance of such an option.


Hi there, Welcome to the forums…

Accessibility issues with the game are brought up every few months… Your issue is usually mentioned but there are also various others including Hit flashes, UI scaling, UI Contrast and colour blind options. If I recall, there was even a request for physically handicapped input options too (e.g. one hand play)…

The devs have confirmed that they are aware of these issues and have them on their to-do list. If I recall correctly, Mike (from EHG) mentioned that they are aiming to have at least a few of these implemented by 1.0 release but there is nothing specific confirmed as yet.

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That’s awesome to know! It’s always a plus when devs and games put accessibility on the menu, it makes for a much better experience. Thanks for sharing.

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