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Tesla Coil Spellblade Weaver - Become The Lightning

Hello! I am Mordarim from Wizardry and Company on Youtube! I recently got into this game and have been experimenting with different build ideas! My first consecrated aura build failed miserably, but this one is looking a lot stronger and you look like a god of thunder!

Its based on Flame Aura converted to lightning, all lightning based procs, Infused Weapon’s Conduit and Static’s Overload! Flamewease is converted to lightning and Manastrike is used to buff us and recover mana. Teleport is used for additional cooldown recovery, mobility and buffs!

Its also really tanky with all that ward generation. But the most important one is: Its super fun to play!

Here is the video guide to it: LAST EPOCH - Tesla Coil Spellblade Weaver Build Guide - Become The Lightning - YouTube

Here is the planner (idols, passives, skills): Spellblade, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1c) - Last Epoch Build Planner

I usually test my stuff on stream: Twitch

Hope you guys like it as much as i do!

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Spellblades are a great class currently… Lots of damage while still being tanky…

Your planner link goes to a blank page on Dammits site… maybe update?

Sure? I opened the link and I could see all the passives and skills. There is no gear, but the rest is present.

Hello, i only added the passives and skillpoints! There are so many good prefixes that can scale the dmg depending on what you want. But fire aura on crit, crit, fire aura dmg, attackspeed, lightning dmg, cooldown recovery and maybe the enchanted weapon prefix seem to favour my build. As for idols: lightning dmg and crit on aura, but i updated those!

Ah… My bad… only saw the blank gear and figured something went wrong…

I would use Flame Ward with the Lightning Ward node instead of Static. It is more damage and more defenses. Then you can take 5 points from Crackling Aura passive and use them elsewhere in the tree.