Temporary game freeze trying to open up skills menu as Primalist?

Open up skills menu to level up or look and as I open it, the whole menu is frozen but I can still move my mouse around. I have to wait until I can hover over and see the tool tips of the skills before I know the game fixed itself. Usually takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Anyone else have this?


I played for 11hrs straight and had no issues until I reached the 4th skill. Once I selected my 4th skill “Thorn Totem” my entire game froze and now I can’t get my game working 100%. It seems I keep having freezing issues now and it only happen after I got to the 4th skill unlock. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! I was having a great time and now this is by far the most frustrating thing I’ve experienced in a beta in quite some time.


Created a new character and boom everything works fine… Primalist + Shaman is broke for me. :expressionless:

I have the exact same thing.

After picking Thorn Totem my skill menu freezes every open for like 3-4 seconds than again when i select a skill tree.

Rest of the game is aces


I think its Thorn Totem being put into specializations that is causing this issue but I cannot confirm.


Reporting in with the same bug. Freezes get so bad that the game crashes from time to time.
Using Thorn Totem in first specilization, Wolves in second and Leopord in third

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i’ve got wolf, thorns, sabretooth.

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Ive got this proiblem but with Beastmaster. The more minions I have, the worse the lag.
When I got 4 minions, pressing “S” causes the game to freeze for a minute or four.
Going to new zones can take up to 10 minutes depending on the size of the zone.
And then just summoning a new minion causes it to freeze for about a minute aswell.

It was at this point I changed the build to a Druid build and the lag was gone.

Skills used: Wolf (with extra wolf talent), Sabretooth, Bear, Vale Spirit and Frenzy totem.

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How do we get the Last Epoch team to look at this or take notice at least? The issue is when we use “Thorn Totem” in specilization the game starts “Not Responding” and is nearly unplayable. I had to remove this completely and lost all my points due to this horrible bug. I hope the team at least looks at this. if you want any logs let me know.

I’m sure they will get to it eventually, they are busy people at the moment.

Hi! The next time any of you have this issue, could you please post your log file, alongside a screenshot or description of your skills window?


Experiencing it right now on stream, how do I get log files? I am not using totem skill either.
NVRM i see link. This happens every time as well.

DxDiag Last Epoch Freeze Bug.txt (83.4 KB)

Cant get image to load. Skill break down is as follows:
Edit: I DO have summon claw totem in my swipe tree

Sorry-- I put the wrong link before (and have edited my post). Can you upload this file? Thanks again!

Do i need to get the file as my game is crashing? or right after it happens?

The log file persists until you restart the game. It would be ideal if you could restart, cause the issue, and then upload (so the log is shorter). Thanks!

This issue is hella annoying and the guy that just posted with the title saying “Game freezes when summoning in end of time…” I’m sure is the same issue as us. When I decide to deal with this problem again I’ll hop over to my character and upload the log. I just decided to make a different class for now.

Can I still be in the game while i grab the files or do i need to end it, get the files, and then start playing again.

You can be in-game.