Temporarily Disabling In-Game Chat

Hey everyone!

We will be taking down chat while we work on some upgrades. I’ll update this post when we have more information or updates to provide.

We appreciate your patience!


Understandable considering the nonsense going on. I appreciate the hard work


Won’t miss it. I muted due to said nonsense.

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Same, hopefully it will be worth unmuting soon.

Any update on this? It’s been pretty lonely playing without chat…

apparently i missed the nonsense that caused the problem. I expect that I should be glad i did ?
anyway, hoping to see chat up again soon. There are actually reasonable people in chat a lot of times.

i guess they got drowned out by the unreasonable.

You are secretly glad you missed it all. There were accounts spamming adverts for twitch streamers.


That’s really annoying, i miss chat.

I feel so lonely, thanks for taking me back to “reality”

It’s back up. Chat is alive again!

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