Temporarily Allow Players to Create/Transfer Online Characters to Offline and Allow those to be Transferred Online

While you all work on launch issues, there would be a lot less “noise” about the server problems if people could simply transfer their character offline. Once you have determined stability, allow those players to bring their characters back to online mode. While people wouldn’t be able to play together in offline mode, at least they’re still progressing their online characters while you work on server stability problems. You could do this for a limited amount of time so that there’s less of a likelihood that the system is abused.

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I like that idea but I’m not sure if it’s feasable.

Will never happen because of cheats.

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An interesting suggestion. Would be a nice option to help get things over this demand burst.

Also, instead of having all devs working on fixing the server issues, they’d have to pull back some devs to implement this feature. Seems counterproductive.

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This should not, and will not happen.

Offline chars means they are stored locally.
Local files means that cheaters have found ways to edit them, resulting in superpowered toons.
Putting in failsafes against this will take up valuable dev time, and by the time that happens you will play online anyway.

Online to Offline is ok, but vice versa will be abused to the moon and back in an instant no matter how small the window is.

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perhaps just a copy from online to offline as a half-measure then. In any case, it seems like things are working for now. I’d like to hope that this is the only time that they’ll experience this problem, so perhaps it’s a waste of development time as many have suggested.

Sadly this is not doable due to people will absolutely DUPE the shit out of items and gold, last epoch devs are not stupid enough to put themselves in this OBVIOUS trap. Just wait for the fixes.


not a good idea