Temporal Sanctum tier4 (lvl100)

So, lucky me, I got a Twisted heart of Uhkeiros with LP! This is my first unique that requires tier 4 of temporal sanctum to be slammed, and I died 5 times in a row to the Boss–. (I’m around corruption lvl500 so my char is not weak or anything) It’s always the second puddle that I can’t get out quick enough. Do I have to switch dimensions with D to dodge it? Or just time my traversal correctly? It always gets out of hand and it insta kills even though I have all max res, 2k life and 10k+ ward at that point.
Any tips?

[e] Maybe I had just had really bad lags for a while. Had issues all evening. Killed her right after this post and it felt easy :slight_smile:

What I have found most helpful with that particular situation is to use D to transition back to the era you just left before Julra pops into the one you are now in. This means “D” out before her big attack you are getting away from, then “D” right back a second later before she transitions. This prevents you from getting the puddles in the first place.

Sometimes you have to just let the puddle pop in, but you need to make sure you’re moving while you have the circle and keep to the outside so it ends up on the outside.