Temporal sanctum - Legendary crafting

I’ve touched lategame just recently and I love the way that the best items are made, but kinda feel that it can be improved in a way or two.
I don’t see a reason why the legendary item crafting via Temporal Sanctum dungeon is locking higher item level items behind highest tiers of this dungeon. It is leaving builds, that are dependand on high ilvl unique items for them to work at highest capacity and making them unable to go through t3-t4 dungeons without external help or complete rebuild of the character/making new one.
My proposition is simple enough - Make the tier of Temporal Sanctum dungeon bound to the Legendary Potential(LP) of an unique item.
For example:

  • Tier 1 - LP of a unique item = 1
  • Tier 2 - LP of a unique item up to 2
  • Tier 3 - LP of a unique item up to 3
  • Tier 4 - LP of a unique item up to 4

In my humble opinion it would present more pleasant and steady progression for weaker builds.

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Legendary items can potentially be the most powerful items you can acquire for your character. It makes perfect sense for the most powerful versions of them to be locked behind more difficult content.

That’s really a problem with the build, not the system. Gating greater power behind greater difficulty is a standard in a game like this. If a character is not strong enough to handle the greater difficulty, why should it be rewarded with the greater power?

Builds shouldn’t be created with the assumption that their “Best in Slot” gear is a foregone conclusion anyway. A build that falls apart without a Legendary item is a build that is bad.

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A problem with this is that since 3 & 4 lp is pretty rare, there’d almost never be a reason to do the t3 & 4 dungeons but you’d still be able to take the high lvl low LP uniques & convert them into legendaries much more easily. Yes, it’d help the weaker builds but it’d also make the more powerful builds even more powerful with lower effort.


Sorry, I didn’t specify - I meant unique item ilvl. For the exalted items I think that your point is vailid. Players shouldn’t be able to make a legendary fusion on 3x T6-7 affixes on tier 1 dungeon clear.

I’m not saying that the gating system is wrong, only that the option to make character just a little bit stronger by giving them a chance to use higher ilvl uniques (still with a high chance of bricking an item), would be a good addition/change.
And I agree. Players that build their characters in lackluster way shouldn’t be able to do endgame content with ease or at all.
As of now I don’t see any reason for legendary crafting on T1-T2 of the dungeon and unlocking higher tiers feels like ‘Snap - you just got ascended to another plane of powercreep’.

Yes and no - I agree that it could make progression much easier if you have more luck, but same as it is now. You still can luck out in dropping your favourite LP4 low ilvl unique item on low level and make it eat some good exalted item matching uniques ilvl → Bam, you just got to higher power with low effort. I am just suggesting different aproach to progression of itemization.
You still would need to get stronger to do higher lvl content and be lucky to drop better items. I don’t think it would break character progression that much, concidering that good-rolled exalted items are much better than most of uniques out there and farming them is just time consuming - you can luck out with 2-3x T6-7 affix exalted item on area level 100 with some patience.

I knew what you meant when I wrote my comment. Higher ilvl still has a strong correlation with higher power on uniques.

I disagree. I think it’s a good thing that the highest level Legendaries - which as far as I understand are intended to be pinnacle chase items - are gated behind the hardest versions of the system. And I don’t think you’ve offered up any good reasons to make them more accessible.

I see where are you comming from, but I think that your concern is well managed by “Effective Level for Legendary Potential” mechanic. I just don’t see why I would have to wait with higher level uniques with LP while I can craft uniques that have no LP, because I didn’t get to the required zone lvl to farm it yet.

Besides your point would be valid for solo play. You can allways skip the hassle and team up with somebody that can clean up the dungeon and blow up boss with ease granting you access to full potential of the dungeon due to how this particular one is made.


You can’t make a Unique with no LP into a Legendary so I really don’t know what this is intended to mean.

And lower chance for LP.

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Bad example from my side, I know, but I wanted to make a point that the ability to craft legendaries should not be ilvl dependant. If the high ilvl unique can be dropped on lower lvl with LP then I would love to be able to make legendary out of it.

It is true in some cases, but most of the uniques offer boost for specific gameplay style/skill that you are using. For example - Necro based on Summon skeletons skill and using low ilvl uniques being able to craft 3-4 LP legendaries with low effort in my oppinion will be much stronger than Lich dependant on some high ilvl uniques without ability to craft legendaries till much later (or calling LFG for help).

I get the reason behind why, for example, I can’t use Orobys’s amulet on 10 lvl char, but I would like to give it one more stat to grind higher LP versions of it easier or leave it for another chars that can make use of it.

I’m just trying to understand your points, because items are account bound, so you literally can make one metabuild char → farm the items and do the crafting → create another char that can make use of those items as you wanted to do in first place.
Your concerns would be viable if the game would stand on solo hardcore permadeath chars premise.
I just don’t see a point in locking part of uniques out of legendary crafting early on while you can just print them out later like some god damn factory.

I don’t believe you actually see no difference between:

  • Progressing a high powered character and using it to acquire very high powered items for other characters.
  • Progressing a middling power character and using it to acquire very high powered items for itself.

That the first can involve using a meta build doesn’t matter. The point is for access to those items to be limited, and it was still limited.

And this is why I said earlier that I don’t think you’ve offered any good reasons to make the strongest items more accessible. Your argument just keeps boiling down to “Because I want them”.

I get that there has to be some limitation, but as I wrote earlier, you can get those ‘best items’ just as a tagalong with worst build immaginable and you still can find overpowered exalted items that require you literally to just pick them up. You still have to farm unique base and exalted items to begin with. I’m just talking about smoothing the expirience across the levels. For best items you still will have to go for higher dungeon levels and farm high corruption echos.
I don’t also see how ‘middling’ character could farm good enough exalted items to make high ilvl uniques broken with one or two additional stats contruary to low ilvl uniques, having comparable effect to the high ilvl one, with three or four additional stats as it is how it works now.
If your build is mid/weak you still won’t be able to solo endgame content and will lose to good chars even with those op items. I think that the game is balanced well enough to make it so.

I can also see the difference between those two progression lines. It’s just I think that they have little to do with legendary item acquisition.
It’s just I don’t see them having much to do with the point that I’m trying to get to.

I see that you are worried about weaker builds getting access to really good items, but as I mentioned many times now, they can do this right now if person have access to internet connection and keyboard to write on in-game chat.

In my opinion, this crafting, would be fine as it is and viable to your points, if the dungeons would be solo only and/or when the game would be centered around POE-like seasonal milestones like ‘First one to do X thing in this month’.

That’s why we have open forums, so we can discuss such ideas :slight_smile:. And personaly I think that most of arguments in this kind of topics could be boiled down to “Because I want them”.

Well. I don’t have any more arguments to make I think, so I’ll leave this topic to the community to decide.

No, you’re talking about changing the system so that you no longer have to do challenging content to get the powerful endgame chase items that you want.

If those items are already just as accessible because of multiplayer, there’s no reason to make them more accessible by changing the system then, is there? :slight_smile:

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