Temporal Sanctum layout algorithm is rude

This may also happen with other dungeons but I almost never run them, so I’m not sure. The layout algorithm in Temporal Sanctum seems to frequently put barriers in both time periods that are directly between you and the exit to the next level, and it’s really annoying to encounter.

Here’s some screenshots from the two Sanctum runs I did last night showing this:


Sanctum 1, the door is like 5 feet away from me, but I’m forced to run around. This sucks and is really annoying. Sanctum 2 was extra bad, because it did this to me twice. I hit it once in 2a, looped around to the next room, and then hit it again in 2b and had to loop around again.

I’ve been thinking about why this is really annoying to me in Sanctum specifically but not in other cases where the map is procedurally generated (I have to compare to POE here since LE doesn’t do it). I think it’s because with the way Sanctum does its random layout, I can reach points where the door is right there, but it’s completely blocked off from me, and I have to go around. With more traditional procedurally generated map layouts, this rarely happens (and as I was writing this I realized that when it does in POE I have the same “oh fuck you” reaction, Caverns of Anger is a good example).

Please do something about this to make it less frustrating. IMO, dual barriers should be forbidden from generating close to an exit door. If I’m honest and I were Emperor, dual barriers wouldn’t exist at all, because they’re already kind of annoying in general, but I know that’s probably not a very good idea.

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