Temporal Sanctum - Can't Enter After Key Use

Hello, as title states, used key to enter, started to walk down the stairs, first time in the dungeon, voice line was happening, hit D before it finished, walked about, the next zone simply didn’t spawn. Did not seem appear to find anyway to fix it, so just had to leave and sacrifice the key.

Discord Image Link

I also get this on Lightless Arbor and Soulfire Bastion

Today I lost my first and only key for temporal sanctum due to this shitty bug. On the third floor, the “archive”, the floor never painted. I was stuck frozen at the entry. Very shitty experience. Now I have 0 keys. Thanks.

This has happened to me 4x today, waiting for the voiceline then shifting not waiting and shifting immediately… no door at all :frowning:

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