Tempest strike - Unspent Power inconsistent

If selecting all 3 nodes that “Cannot proc northern winds/lightning bolt/earth spikes” unspent power should have 100% chance to be procced since all of those chances should be 0%.

This does not seem to be the case, it looks like it still procs inconsistently which is a huge mana loss.

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I have a feeling that the text on the nodes in question is the issue. If you read the Grounded Node, it says that it has no effect if the other two nodes disabling Northern Windws, Earth spikes are chosen.

i.e. you cannot disable all the procs at the same time.

So unspent power is unlikely to provide the mana return on every Tempest Strike because Lightning Bolt will always be able to proc.

I expect that Deadwind and Mute Earth nodes probably have the same effect as the Grounded node but the text description doesnt show it. It would definitely explain your findings as they would all then cancel each other out and tempest strike would still proc them.

This may need confirmation from the devs. I will post a question on discord for the devs and see what Mike says.

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No, they only need to have one of the 3 nodes have no effect if all 3 are selected in order to have Tempest Strike always able to proc 1 of the spells.

Hey, thanks, i just now noticed that text on Grounded node, visually confirmed also it’s lightning bolt that still procs sometimes. it makes sense now, thanks.

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