Tempest Strike - Major Bug

The Druids Call Node in Tempest Strike skill gives us a chance to proc Tempest of the matching type while in a transformed state. This works as intended.

The Ceaseless Typhoon Node states that “Whenever” we cast a tempest we have a chance to proc a tornado. This is not working as intended.

I am in Bear form and proccing the Tempest from Tempest Strike through Druids Call but this does not proc the Tornado chance from the Tempest. According to the wording of the skill this should work.

I am having similar issue while in swarmblade form. Also seem to not be getting the haste effect from wind booster node while transformed.

I also have this issue. Moreover, lagons gladiator buff doesn’t proc off tempests generated from transformed melee hits

seeing this same issue. I think there are a lot of bugs around this skill while transformed at the moment.

Wording probably needs to be updated to clarify direct casts of Tempest Strike.