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Tempest bug

As the topic says i’ve encountered a bug where if i level up while doing tempest, it has no mana cost and i can spin forever (Tazmania monster :P). That or if i am to reduce the mana cost of tempest to a point where it begins to slowly regen mana, but also at a point if i open Ephemeral Stance it would spend mana. I can fill mana while spinning but when my mana goes max while spinning it won’t drain the mana if i open Ephemeral Stance. Sorry if i made a mess explaining it :S

Looking forward for Ephemeral Stance skill tree, VK forever <3

Thanks for the reports! Moved this thread over to the Bug Reports section.

The bug where channeled abilities cease to cost Mana after a level up until being recast is a known issue. Fixing it is not currently viewed as a priority - the bug is beneficial rather than harmful, while also being difficult to try to exploit - but as with all bugs, it’s good to have it on our radar!

We’ll try to investigate the Ephemeral Stance issue; I haven’t personally heard of that one before.