Teleport's new haste buff doesn't seem to work

Tested on a level 33 sorc with 4 points in the new node and Quicksilver Coil as my haste source. The haste does not reset or add 4 seconds, it just trickles down as normal.

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Interesting. It does look bugged. I will make a note of it. Thanks for the report.

I had the same problem with Fire ward as my haste source

Can confirm, it also does not reset if you get haste after the cooldown starts. I tried with Flame ward haste, and focus haste. This was fundamental to my build using haste as a burst point with mass teleport and elemental nova. Guess I will be following this and playing something else.

Same issue here. Using Momentum on Static as Haste source (200 stacks = 4s), Comet Rush seems to have no effect whatsoever on my Haste no matter where during its 4s duration I use it.

Hi, same issue