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Teleport Enemies Bug Out when Killed

I’m sure it’s better seen with a streamer or a Last Epoch long play session, but I did my best to capture the bug.

Effectively, enemies who have a fast movement option completely spazz out if they’re killed while in this motion. They rotate increasingly fast, and then they stretch out and lay dead. It’s visually cool to see, but probably something that should be looked into. It was initially limited to the Scalebane Rogues, but I was able to repeat the bug with the Merana Sirens as well.

Hey there…

This is called the ragdoll effect… Its a known problem confirmed by the Devs and is apparently related to problems with certain 3d base models that are duplicated for mobs.

I have found it tends to happen on specific mobs especially if you do massive amounts of 1-hit damage but thats probably anecdotal.

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