Teleport elemental dawn/ dusk trigger bug with mirror breath /multiple bugs


BUG nr 1
Specific Lightning cold or fire skill “elemental nova” triggered from teleport node “elemental dawn” do not trigger sorcerer passive bonuses from nodes dragon mage/ mirror breath.

1.Lets say i choose elemental nova only lightning enabled. I cast teleport and see triggered lightning elemental nova . This nova do damage and its trully big lightning explosion triggered from teleport but the passive from sorc nodes
dragon mage/ mirror breath dont give me any bonuses.

  1. Casting skill elemental nova directly working as expected. I got % fire bonus damage from lightning but its not working if this skill “elemental nova” is triggered from teleport skill node.

I think its a bug because teleport skill node works well . If i choose elemental nova to do only fire damage teleport trigger only fire nova . If i choose elemental nova to do only lightning node teleport trigger only lightning elemental nova . When teleport trigger nova - nova do lightning damage but there is no bonus at all from this sorcerer passive nodes

BUG nr 2
As i write before there is a moore bugs with this combination of skills.

We have 3 nodes in Teleport skills witch is combine w elemental nova

  • elemental dawn (cast elemental nova on arrival)
  • elemental dusk (cast elemental nova on departure)
  • elemental midnight (cast elemental nova at halvway)

Teleport do no trigger (custom with INFERNAL NOVA NOD ) elemental nova if we use only elemental dawn (cast elemental nova on arrival) ITS A BUG - THERE IS NO TRIGGER AT All
This bug happens only if elemental nova INFERNAL NOVA NODE is enabled. Teleport do not trigger nova at all

but if we have …

Teleport with two nodes enabled elmental dawn and dusk nova will be triggered even if i have this node INFERNAL NOVA NODE enabled (INFERNAL NOVA NODE its a node from elemental nova skill)

In short if we use INFERNAL NOVA NODE from elemental nova there should be a trigger from one of 3 teleport nodes

  • elemental dawn (cast elemental nova on arrival) - dont work but it should
  • elemental dusk (cast elemental nova on departure) - it works
  • elemental midnight (cast elemental nova at halvway)
    if we have only first enabled nova dont want to trigger .
    It works only if we have two of them enabled dawn and dusk.
    If INFERNAL nova is Disabled there is a trigger for every bougth node dawn dusk and midnight. So its 3 casts in one simple teleport and that it should. Off course INFERNAL nova had cooldown of 4 second but with this node enabled there is no trigger at all. If we have only elemental DAWN WHEN IT SHOULD BE CAST AT THE ARRIVALS BUT ITS NOT. It start to trigger only if we have elemental dawn and dusk enabled.

(I dont speak about clear nova. In the whole topic i mean elemental nova with Internal node enabled)


I’m not sure its a bug but

If i use INFERNAL NOVA NODE - elemental nova modyfication the teleport dont want to trigger
multiple novas if i have all 3 nodes enabled from teleport tree:

  • elemental dawn (cast elemental nova on arrival)
  • elemental dusk (cast elemental nova on departure)
  • elemental midnight (cast elemental nova at halvway

In normal situation (clear elemental nova without any nodes) nova was casted 3 times when i use teleport. I use teleport and nova was triggered 3 times at start halfway and on the departure.
If i use infernal nova node from ELEMENTAL nova skill tree novathere is propably a problem.
I understand that nova cant trigger when its on cooldown but…

I choose in elemental nova nodes for charges . Elemental nova now get 3 charges until cooldown starts.
Even if i buy 3 charges node of elemental nova the teleport do not trigger nova 3 times(i have 3 nodes from teleport dawn dusk and midnight).
Its trigger only one time at the departure. This bug happens only if i have INFERNAL NOVA NODE ENABLED. It shouldn’t be like this . Game should recognize that skill had 3 charges and this charges should be consumed triggered with teleport skill that cast nova .

I’m sorry for my english i’ll try to do my best,

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