Teleport back from town = die to mobs

I cleared part of the area on a map and my bags where full (forgot to empty them) so I made a portal to town, did what I needed to do, took the same portal back to where I was and died to 20+ mobs (not joking) to an area that I had just cleared. there should be no mobs around and I shouldn’t die or attacked during the loading screen.

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I think this is a good idea. At least when you use your portal it should be the same. I had a problem at a waypoint where a lot of mobs waited for me.

Waypoints should be also mob free. The instance should be the same especially when the portal is used :+1:

I would think just throwing that invulnerable buff on would suffice, as well. Especially since it’s a mechanic that already exists in the game.


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