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Teleport and items

hi there, love this game sofar. it is amazing how far you got this game going in such a short time. i know you guys are arpg lovers like me. i have been playing rpg for close to 30 years now and in my opinion this game rocks. of course it needs a few tweeks here and there, but that is what the beta for. i have beta tested quite a few games over the years and i have to say this is one of the finest ones i beta tested to date. any i have a a couple of concerns. recently i rteleported back to base camp because of a full inventory and i could pick up what was lerft on the ground. so went back to town to sell my full inventory and used the teleport back to were i left off on the map when i got back and the items that i left on the ground was gone, not to sure if this happened to anyone else yet. also everytime you go to a new area or teleport back to your main camp the map resets it self on the mini map so you cant see where you have gone previously.

great job sofar cant wait till this is officially come out, hopefully soon. it kick diablo 3 but.

thanks a million

The game currently doesn’t save (or “remember”) zones, so every time you leave an area, it resets. This is something the devs will address further down the road.

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