Cities: Skylines II models the character’s teeth.

Cities: Skylines II is a Unity game.

Last Epoch is a Unity game.

Therefore, Last Epoch should model the character’s teeth.

I would like to change my character’s teeth.

Thank you for your attention.


Agreed! It is truly reprehensible, disgraceful, objectionable - nay, sinful - to those of us with different kinds of teeth, or even no teeth at all, that our fake digital avatars are forced into having characters with unrealistic, unreasonable, unattainable Hollywood smiles while they swing enormous weapons, hurl balls of fire and lightning around, and navigate time and space.

Unity, indeed. scoff


Teeth? Pfffft, we need the character’s intestinal bacteria modelled, afterall, as we all know you can’t be healthy without a healthy intestinal microbiome. Then they could sell mtx for different digestive flora and fauna.


Teeth? Intestines? Who cares about that? When can we run around in naked models like in BG3 :rofl:

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A healthy Cycle, you might say


Yup, everyone gets a +1 to Prunes with every MTX purchase.


It could tie in with @Llama8’s suggestion of a /deaths counter. Remove Deathless tag, add teeth, and each time your character dies, you lose a tooth. Characters could also get a /smile emote to show how good (or bad) of a player they are…

But, then again, that just might turn this game into a Dentistry-simulator. And we wouldn’t want that.


At least, not right now.

They can introduce it with PvP

We need teeth that are big enough to eat other players teeth like cereal.

If they add the teeth, I better get some ‘spitting chiclets’ animations to go along with my battles.