Targeted attacks firing at wrong angle

When making an attack against a targeted enemy (red highlight) at certain screen angles, the attack fires off in the wrong direction, completely missing the enemy. This is most obvious on non-homing ranged attacks, but can also affect melee attacks as well. I would think that if I have an enemy highlighted when I make an attack, I should be actually aiming at that enemy, and not at some angle from them.

It almost seems like targeted attacks only have certain angles they will fire off in, rather than actually being calculated relative to the player and target.

I’ve not tried to replicate this with a controller, but it is definitely present using a mouse. I’ve just started a new character using hammer throw as a primary attack, and am noticing a lot of attacks missing because of this offset angle. If I position my mouse to not highlight the enemy, and instead make the attack angle that would intersect my intended target, the attacks usually hit.

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