Target farming unique with LP is a pain

Hej guys,
I am about “min maxing” my char. It is Impossible anyway to plan a char with uniqued need with max leg potential… maybe you get in your hole lifetime a unique qith high leg. level potential with max leg. anyway…

Planning my char with uniques I need with TWO leg potential is already ridicolous. For a belt with leg potential level 27 or so to have two legs on it it needs hundreds if not 1000+ echos to get it if you are not super lucky. And I am running Echos on 600 corruption.

If after 700 echos you are maybe lucky to find your item with 2 leg pot. you then mess it up at temp sanctum and copy the wrong stats on it you dont need…

This is just frustrating if you know it takes maybe weeks or longer for getting just one mid level unique as you want it.

Imo you need to drasticly increase drop rates of uniques with leg pot. or at least choose with stat I ll copy on that unique in temporal sanctum!

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Then stop planning your characters around items that are intended to be very hard and time consuming to get. They are the most powerful items you can ever acquire for your character. Being hard to get is the point.


That is called min maxing yeah.
But farming a belt with Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 30 where I anyway just want 2 (uncommon) out of 4 (extremely rare) leg pot. should not take like 1000s echos at 600 corruption or?

And then maybe getting wrong 2 stats on it…

It is ok if it is hard, but getting my 5 uniques with MAX leg potential is impossible.

I’m not sure I’d consider a 2 LP Urzil’s Pride “the most powerful items you can ever acquire”. But, that’s just me. He’s not talking 4 LP Argentus here… But alas, this could quickly devolve into another RNG-Simulator discussion that we already have 50 of around here somewhere.

Is there already and statement by the devs regarding these loot chances, “bad” rng simulator if they ll change something for 1.0?

I don’t like the fact, that you can never reach the maximum build potential.

Target farming uniques is too slow and random IMO. Try to make a legendary sword or dagger, when there are over 50 uniques in the mono unique/set reward pool. Then add LP RNG and Eternity cache RNG on top of that.

Some items must be rare, sure. I don’t mind the grind either. But if it takes anywhere between 0 to infinity hours to upgrade a single item for a build, I won’t even try. I already had a 100 hour target farming streak of not getting a common 0LP item, not again. There should be more systems to get rare items more deterministically. I guess they are coming with MG and CoF.

Just had an idea for a new rune, that upgrades LP for a unique. Make that rune rare, with a chance to upgrade dependent on LP level, and make that chance increase with every failure.


Just don’t :smiley: . There are items in LE you want to have if you are a minmaxer and the chances to get them is most likely as possible as beeing hit by lightning twice. It’s craycray and I hope EHG is making items more available as Blizzard did when they realised it takes millions of gaming hours to get a rarer item.

On the other hand LE is nice in a way that you can upgrade yout stuff more and more. I threw all plans out of the window and simply dumped everything down to stat breakpoints I need and everything that makes it better is a win. That’s the only way I stay sane with this itemisation nightmare EHG invented.


His point, as I’m sure you know, was that uniques with LP are intended to be chase items & therefore hard to get. The OP was complaining that an intended hard-to-get item is too hard-to-get (as is his right) when that is the entire point of LP.

I agree that a 2LP Urzil’s Pride isn’t the most OP item out there (hence the low lvl required for LP), though I’m not sure why OP would want to use that particular chest. I also agree with Bronco’s other point that if you’re planning your build around getting LP on uniques you’re setting yourself up for frustration & failure.

Also IMO, some people seem to confuse aspirational with necessary.


Concerning the title, yes it’s a pain, no matter how people try to educate you that you should not build a char depending to a unique with LP.

Its true but that are many situations that a player will want an unique with 2 or 3LP and he will never get it.

It’s has been discussed a lot previously and we need better ways to chase them.

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Right now its a pain, so if you try it’s on you. :wink:

With 1.0 the faction system will come, so it might become easier. You can look for information about it here in the forum. It’s a pretty cool albeit complicated system.

If this is not enough there might always come a dungeon to help with this.

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Why shouldn’t it? Your only source of loot is RNG. That means there’s never a guarantee you’re going to see any given thing that you specifically want, especially not when it’s deliberately very rare because it can potentially be the most powerful. There’s no streak protection here. You could do 10k echoes at 6k corruption and possibly never see what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter how unlikely it is, the chance of that happening is never zero.

Your experience isn’t a design problem with Legendaries, it’s just a reality of RNG loot. Take solace in the fact that in February you’ll be able to solve the problem of RNG loot sucking through the trade faction. Until then, you just have to deal with it by lowering your expectations.

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Yes, I think we need to bear in mind that there’s another layer to the item acquisition grind that is still missing. Come February we’ll have a better feel for how this all plays out.


back in the day I played a lot of LI & LI2 and I was okay with a .006% of dropping the last item I need once a week. Since then I’m grown up a little bit and I think most peoples expectations are low enough but the numbers are to drastic.

This might change with the faction system and I’ll play a whole lot of non market toons to see if the drops are better by a meaningfull margin. If not I’ll sure opt in the market faction and call ita day becaue time vs effort vs progress is a calculation I make these days. It’s just silly to implement items hundrets of thousands of players need hundrets of thousands of hours to get. At this point you can simply remove it from the game because it’s a useless piece of work that has been put in.

Sure some people can fool themselfs into "There is something that can drop arround the corner even if it’s morerealistic to win the lotory jackpot!"is aggod thing I just can’t anymore.

Good thing is the build I like to play needs 0 uniques and everything is optional so I’m a happy camper anyway. On the other hand everyone with little time on their hands (no matter how much they love the genre) will have a worse experience knowing the inability, or rng, to get certain items. There is a lot of grey between D3 showers of loot and a not at all reasonable rng to get a desirered item at any point of the game.

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Some people also confuse having a 2nd job grinding rocks looking for a diamond as ‘fun’, but we still let them post here. The OP was talking about obtaining mid-level 2LP uniques… hardly ‘chase’ items. Unless we’re redefining that moniker just to fit whichever ‘the game is fine’ narrative we’re playing with that particular day.

Certain builds require specific unique items just to function. Those uniques may, or may not have other useful stats with them. So having some LP on them to raise them up a notch or 2 isn’t exactly something you shouldn’t be able to plan around. Especially if the LP-level isn’t absurd, or the item itself isn’t a chase item.

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Some people see 2LP items as something very special they should be happy about to get and other people see 2LP items as something that is midtier and commonly dropping at a certain stage in the game. As long as noone is communicating how they see things and how many drops should be LP drops the whole discussion is pretty uselee ^^.

I think starting at lvl 75+ 2LP items should be more common while 3LP items should be something for level 95+ while 4LP items have a very low chance to drop at lvl 100 at corruption whatever stages. On top of it i think it should not be a rare occasion and a 4LP drop at level 100 at 1k corruption should drop every 5h-10 of active mob slaying.

I don’t understand why there is stuff that drops on so low numbers that it would almost make no difference if the item was ingame or not like most 4LP items. I hope the devs will shed some light into those topics like loot and balancing of the game because right now all we can say is: “There is rng and you maybe drop something or not.” Or stuff like “7k corruption is endgame you noobs lurking arround at 3k!”. We know nothing about it… we don’t have difficulty tiers that ramp up the possibility to get something and I hope they don’t tie it to corruption that much because right now we have builds that crawl through the game and don’t work that well while other builds push crazy corruption numbers. I realy don’t want to end up in cycles where mostly one class is played because it’s completely broken and the only good way to farm stuff because it’s able to farm 4k more corruption then other classes.

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Honestly its going to get worse. Theres an official post on here by EHG.

With trade coming in 1.0 there will be a drop rate nerf in 1.0. Ill have to see of i can find it. But i think this info was tucked away in there post about factions if i remember correctly

I think the faction mechanics will actually make acquiring stuff easier.


Relatively speaking to now some stuff will get rarer. But then through either of the two faction mechanics item acquisition will be easier and more desterministic.

EGH also said that with fully leveled up CoF it might atually be slightly more than what it is right now (all subject to change though).

And trade is self explanatory how deterministic that is, once you have the rank to buy all teh stuff you want.

Honestly, what it’s done for me is just made me stop playing characters once I get them into empowered monoliths, and play in there for 30 or so echos. I’ll hit my 80s and just stop because the loot carrot has been replaced with moldy bread. I’ve played enough characters into the 90s, and seen how loot really drops, and have come to the realization that the loot chase in this game ends, 95% of the time, at “good enough” rares, with a couple exalted sprinkled in for good measure. And no, I don’t count all the exalted drops since most of them just end up gathering dust in my stash… and are only collected in the event I need something to LP craft with.

I’ve been saying this all along. I’ll never understand the aversion to players actually acquiring high-end gear. Especially if seasons are to be introduced. “Hi, there’s a bunch of loot that you’ll never realistically see in seasonal play… have fun with the moldy bread we replaced the carrot with!”


Yes and no. This drop rate nerf is coming across the board. For this exact reason.

How nerfed drop rates get is yet to be seen. May not effect much. If not then yes. If its nerfed to keep balance for trade faction (MG). Imo no it wont.

If u go with the CoF faction based on what is said here. Once all ranks have been unlocked u will have the drop rates the game currently has. In MG factiob u wont

Edit as DJSamhein points out. If majority go with CoF vs MG trade will suffer and not work out very well. A player needs to find said item in order to trade it. Bigger trade community helps this alot.