Target farming rares (or exalts)?

Is there any way to target farm regular items or increase your chances for particular items? I would like various bases for the implicit stats to craft with but I never seem to find what I need. Just wondering if there is any way to make that process less painful or less random. As an example I was looking for a Gorgonscale Coat.

One mono let you increase the chances for a specific weapon type and the other chances for gear types. Blood, Frost, and Death & The Stolen Lance.


As said above, you can increase your chance of droping certain type (but not subtype) of equipment. And generally the best way to far are exalted nodes in monos, lightless harbor, and julra’s donjon. Julra’s has a daily rotation for specific type of item.
Note that the donjons might be fairly bugged right now.

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I don’t even know what lightless harbor or a donjon is but will look into it. Thanks for the tips.

What level are you?

I just completed the echo quests for the level 85 normal mono. My character is level 77 and just about to start the last 3 islands.