Target farming items from timeline echoes

Going by last epoch tools the set items that i want are target farmable from certain timelines if i aim for set item reward echoes. For example Helmet uniques and set items from the black sun timeline.
But when i complete those i am getting various other parts such as boots.
Have i misunderstood something ?
Are they not target farmable ?
Is there just a higher chance of getting of getting helmets from that timeline instead of a guarantee?

In the empowered (and normal but it’s much more rare) timelines there are echo rewards that give a set or unique item of specific item types.

For instance the Ending The Storm timeline where you fight Lagon has the echo reward for “Unique or Set gloves”. Meaning you’ll effectively be able to run that timeline to search for those rewards and have more chances at getting the unique (or set item) you want.

Of course this doesn’t apply to boss-specific uniques that must be acquired through the boss they drop from.

Thats what i thought too. But in the black sun timeline i should helmets from those echoes right? but i have gotten various other pieces of equipment too from the Unique or Set gloves reward echoes.
Is that normal?

Some timelines have more than one reward type. You can look at the bottom of the timeline menu when first entering it from the monolith and choosing between empowered and normal.

I understood what the problem was. There are 3 echo with rewards as

  1. Unique Item
  2. Set Item
  3. Unique/Set Item of a particular item type such as gloves, boots etc.

Its only no.3 which has specific item type, no 1 and 2 are random.
I was under the impression 1 and 2 are the specific ones since i hadn’t seen the 3rd type yet. My Bad.
They are quite rare. Do they do become more frequent with higher corruption and/or empowered timelines ?