Target farming in Fall of the Outcasts

So I’ve been trying to find a unique bow in Fall of the Outcasts. I found online that I need to find ““Unique or Set Bow or Quiver” echo rewards”, however I don’t have any echoes with that reward, and I’m at max stability. I’ve already done the three quests too. Am I doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place?

What’s your corruption? The higher your corruption the higher the chance of these special nodes spawning.

If you’re farming in normal monos, don’t. Get to empowered and then start your farming and increase your corruption to at least 200.

It’s zero. I’m new at this, I haven’t unlocked empowered timelines yet. Maybe I’m too early?

Yeah, in that case like I said, just push to empowered and then start your farming (preferably when you hit at least 200 corruption). Then you will see these quite a bit more often.