Target Farming Darkstride, am I doing it wrong?

Hello there, I am currently on the lookout for Darkstrides with any amount of LP on them and have been wondering about a couple of things.
I am currently farming the Spirits of Fire Monoliths at 281 Corruption, and was wondering if it would be better to lower that to below 200 to thin out the item pool since Darkstrides are relatively low level.
However when I was trying to farm them at 100 Corruption (Empowered) I didn’t find A SINGLE pair of Darkstrides which is why I pushed it a bit to 281 in the first place.
Was I just unlucky and should lower it back down again, or should I maybe push Corruption even higher? Or am I by chance doing it right?
I hope someone can shed some light on this and guide me the way to many Darkstide drops. Cheers!

Corruption doesn’t work like that for normal drops. The only drops that have corruption requirements are from the Shade.

Lowering the corruption would make it easier to do monos, but would also lower the chances of getting the unique/set reward nodes.


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So you’re saying I just want as many “Unique Boots Rewards” as possible and the amount of Corruption does nothing for me? I could even do it on “not empowered” timeline for a higher clear speed?

Nope, he’s not saying that. :smiley:

You’ll hardly see any “unique boots rewards” in non-empowered. The chances of those spawning scale with corruption and it also increases your chances of getting uniques from random mobs.

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Oooh I see, thank you I must have read that wrong. So high corruption is the way to go but for a different reason than I thought, correct?

In general yeah, just make sure it’s still a reasonable level, so that you can manage the mobs fast enough, if you can’t kill stuff/die a lot it will slow you down.

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All right thanks for the advice, the system was kind of a black box to me and I was starting to wonder if I was wasting my time at 281, but since it’s nice and fast to clear for me I’ll stay here for now…

He’s not in normal monos, he’s at 28x corruption.

Which is what I said.

Yes, until you can’t kill as fast. While higher corruption increases the chance of getting the nice things, it’s slower to kill (in principle).

Did you read the replies ?

I did, which is why I removed my first comment, did you read mine?