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Target Dummy and Totems

Firstly I know changes to the target dummy are low priority (rightly so) for EHG, but I wanted to toss this idea into the ether so that it’ll show up later when folks search “Target Dummy” on the feedback forums.

Currently it seems totems will not attack the target dummy. I believe with companions you can target it with ‘A’ and get them to attack, I’m not sure about Acolyte minions if they respond the same way (sorry haven’t rolled many Acolytes). While this is functional for those controllable minions, I believe it’s a bit roundabout.

Instead I wonder if it’s possible to flag the target dummy as an enemy when the player steps inside the circle surrounding the dummy, or rather simply gets within a certain radius (since I’m not sure if all the dummies have that circle that’s at End of Time). Basically, walk close enough, all minions start attacking (including totems). Walk away, they stop.

Depending on the internals this could be a simple way for players to force all minions to engage the dummy with ease. Just a thought.

You can use the target dummies in the Champion’s Gate (Chapter 7, Divine Era).

These will work with Totems

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Oh awesome, thanks! Time for some experiments :smiley:

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You’re looking for the one(s) that’s flagged as enemy, not the normal ones.

You’re absolutely correct. However, it is very hard to find them when you don’t know they exist lol. And in fact that’s exactly what my suggestion entailed (flagging the dummies as enemies) but to do it within a distance radius so as not to be distracting when just waltzing around End of Time etc. But given they already exist it’s a non-issue.

Thanks to @Heavy’s comment I have everything I need here.

EDIT: Hmm, I guess I can’t close a topic as “Resolved”? Or maybe I’m just UI-challenged.

No, that’s only for stuff in the bug forum (& maybe the tech support section).