Target area for Storm bolts from storm stacks is too small when using the ranged ''Lagonian diplomacy'' node

When you take the Lagonian diplomacy node from Gathering storms your melee attack turns into a ranged cast of storm bolt that can hit from very far away.

However you have to be very close to the target to proc the storm stacks you’ve gained,
even with the Clouds on the horizon node you still have to stand very close to the target.
which is counter intuitive to the ranged caster playstyle.

I also cannot take the Concentrated storm node because this will decrease my target area.
this feels really bad because it’s a very strong node that i have to pass up on.

This wouldn’t be a big problem if the ‘‘Increased area for area skills’’ affix would work on the range of the storm bolts of Gathering storm.

SOLUTION: Buffing Clouds on the horizon seems like the best thing to do here.
I think putting 2 points into Clouds on the horizon should give us the true ranged caster experience.

Max range:

Just out of range:

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