Target Allies Using Their Icons

Hi everyone!

I am currently playing my first Primalist, and I noticed something very annoying that would be an “easy” fix.
I find it very difficult to heal a specific companion/minion/ally when they are all clumped up in combat. It would be amazing if we could click on their character icons
like the ones shown in this image
to target them with spells.
I am currently unaware if this works for other people in your group as I have only been able to try it on the NPC icons.

Especially when using spells like Eterra’s Blessing that give certain buffs to certain allies, and also heals them. It’s very difficult to target my scorpion as it has baby scorpions that sometimes get healed instead.

Additionally, a setting that lets you display all your minions as character icons, instead of the icon * X amount of minions of that type, would be amazing as once you have (or at least most of the time) 2+ of a minion type, they get grouped together into one icon.

What do you think?

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