Tanky warpath that can do all content?

Im looking for a tanky warpath build that can do all content!
So far the Flame Burst Smite Warpath Paladin looks fun, but theres no “endgame” gear guide just no unique guide. How does it scale after anyone know?
Im new to the game, i have played it once as a hammer smiter.
Warpath is kinda the only skill atm that looks kinda fun! But i want to make dmg and still be a good tank if its possible. Thx! <3

VK Warpath might be a thing for you. There are plenty of guides for it as well.

Just be aware… if you don’t play the op builds you’ll hit a brick wall sooner or later depending on the monolith mods you picked and the ammount of corruption you play at.

Alright gona check that one out then! Well i want a build that can do all content and still be tanky, do you have any suggestions on another build to look at? :slight_smile:

VK Warpath is pretty tanky with all the built in leech you have. On the other side there are a few people arround here that make very good guides like @boardman21 and his videos on his channel https://www.youtube.com/@Boardman21/videos . You can find almost every possible LE build in there presented in a better way then I’ll be able to tell you ^^.


Thx dude! Will check it out! :smiley:

HF maybe Boardman pops up after I taged him and will give you some more insight but his last videos on classes should do the trick because those are all playable very well.

Ty! Just checket the newest best build for all masteries and everyone looks realy boring for me to play sadly… :frowning: But yeah, would be cool if he did! :slight_smile: Hardest ARPG to find a build that looks fun for me! I got 10k hours in Path of exile meybe thats the problem -_- xD

This is my pally build that was fun, spin to win. Here is some info, i didnt spec into vengance while leveling and was sure how i was going to go with it, but late 50’s i did, so you can spec into vengeance from the get go. this is how it plays out. I havnt optimized gear yet and only 63. I would recommend making an alt with this is anyone wants to try it.
i have a lot of regen/leech that i can face tank. I run thru the zone and on packs i use warpath to obliterate packs, once you hit mana efficiency nodes its easier. then i can finish off the elites or bosses by spinning or i can face tank with vengeance and finish them off. I stopped playing , trying to not get burned out till 21st.
I will say that killing bosses take longer, maybe if i got better gear it would help but elites /bosses single target is not that same as in POE. But if u want fun and can get the relic, with good 1h weapons this was a blast , spinning thru packs and finishing off end mob was fun .
with this, once specced into vengeance i was able to spin, regen and run to the next pack, face tank a few sec to regein mana and you can spin again. I agree there may be a wall as it gets harder, dunno …
never posted a build info before, didnt spend any time optimizing this, just made it work and thought it worked, if anyone want to add constructive info, id appreciate it as i dont know what im doing… lol

Dont bash me, im an old man…