Talk to Yulia in Thetima quest not working


I’m not able to finish the quest that requires me to speak to Yulia in Thetima in order to travel to the western isles. I might have pressed ‘I need some time’ the first time I did it, but I don’t remember. When I press ‘I am ready’ nothing happens. I’ve tried it a bunch of times and nothing happens, and if there is a portal that’s supposed to appear (top left of her in Thetima) there isn’t any. I saw this similar report but didn’t help my situation:

I’m using the current Last Epoch 0.9G2, offline Shaman.
Here are my player logs:
Player.log (210.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (268.6 KB)

Thanks, hope you can fix it. I’m looking forward to fighting the great monster in the west with this sweet totem Shaman. Cheers.

I should also add that I noticed something strange when I was talking to her and some of the other folks in Thetima: they were all talking and responding to me as though I had already killed Lagon, though up to this point on this character, I haven’t killed him, nor do I have access to the western isles.

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