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T6/7 gear

I think T6/7 purples should always drops with ONLY that T6/7 affix on them. I’ve had several dozen purples drop so far and not one of them was usable because even if you are lucky enough to have a decent T6/7 affix, it is always accompanying by a bunch of crap affixes, and rng affix removal is not viable.

Kind of ruins the delight of such an item dropping, as I know it will be unusable crap.

I disagree, it would make rare or even magic item useless, everyone will just farm exalt item and too easy to get perfect items. like in D3.

This will leads to eventually devs going to power creep the monolith/arena run which would be an unhealthy long term game life.

It is. This is just another line in gambling that you just have to take.
→ It was also said that the T6/T7 items are roughly the equivalent of an Exalted item from Path of Exile.

All in all, I think it’s okay.

The problem with only the one T6/t7 affix is that this will mean that you start crafting with a T7 max… And I dont know if you have done much crafting starting with such a low base, but the chances of turning a single affix t7 item into a t20 are MUCH harder than starting with a t10/t11/t12 drop and turning it into a god-tier item…

I have often got a T6/7 drop with a T5 second affix.

Granted, sometimes the second affix is not ideal for the build, but its still usually useful (even temporarily) and maybe if you are lucky a secondary stat for your build. By removing the other stat then this possibility is gone.

You will see a lot of exalted items in your time if you play enough. However, you will almost never see a T7 item turn into a T20 item. Maybe you are content reaching T15 (and for certain items it’s enough). But, I’d rather shatter a bad T7 and get more shards from the sub-affixes and keep hunting for a better combination in the future than never get a combination at all.

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The game is NOT supposed to be perfect NOW.
There are still whole item classes, mechanics and especially the auction house to come.
If everyone can always get everything themselves with manageable or calculable effort, EHG does not even need to open the auction house.