T4 Dungeon bosses

Lot to say here but basically T4 Dungeon bossfights wacky af rn. (Playing offline)

First off bosses are hyper aggressive, sped up, casting multiple moves at the same time and glitchy, with most attacks oneshotting. But to balance this(not really) respawn on death and can continue the fight? Not even restart the fight just continue.

I had started with Lightless Arbor boss as I was hoping its one-shot got changed but it was worse, then I respawned right there and was so confused I died a couple more times. Rest of the fight was also pretty wack so I thought maybe cos this boss was reworked there were some bugs.
Soulfire Bastion I actually hadn’t unlocked the T4 so I killed T3 pretty ez but T4 was again kinda wack casting multiple skills and some kind of delay between the DoT ground/skills animation and the damage(my character was taking damage from skill before it was cast) and again oneshots from any skill and instant respawn in the boss room.
So then I tried Julra and this was even crazier, killed totems in divine but still alive in ruined timeline, casting skills and the void lazers while oneshot attack is charging up, teleporting void degen ground and doing damage before the ground effect shows up, oneshot from touching the lazers/degen.

I was able to corpse rush all the bosses tho and didn’t miss any loot which seems fair /s.

I wasn’t able to get much footage of the other two as I was confused as heck, here is a snippet of the Julra. You can see the void beams during one-shot attack and no totems in divine while alive in ruined. Also the respawning(NO I am NOT using a trainer or any hacks/cheats).

And here is player log if it helps.
Player.log (3.9 MB)

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