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T2 mod on weapon with too much +flat melee fire

Its all in the screenshot. A low level weapon requiring lvl 6, with a t2 flat fire mod… listing +16 flat fire.

I believe ive also come across a +11 fire one, then upgraded it to t3, it remained 11 (or became 11 while it was a graphical bug before? dont know), but that one was many hours ago sorry.
In any case, it was +flat melee fire damage in both cases

edit : upgraded the one on screenshot to “tier 3” for a nice +25 flat fire damage… ^^"

So ive come across it a few times again.
I’ve met a very very nice physical sword for instance. Look at this level 4 required. it was a “t1 mod” and i upgraded it to “t2”. Ive only met in on 2h though, so perhaps its not a bug? (but a dev on discord told me it was, and seeing the amount I guess it is)
Pretty decent at lvl 4 right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies for the miscommunication!

This is intended as of Patch 0.6.1;

no worries and thanks great to hear ! and by the way, AWESOME CHANGE ! I just made a 100 flat damage 2handed weapon with t3 and t4 flat mods oO its impressively strong and gives 2h some real punch !

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