T1 arena Vaion 1 shot

Dunno if its a git gud moment or not. Also not sure how to link character info.

T1 arena.

Level 65 Beastmaster, capped fire, 73% phys. 1009 hp, 972 armor, 43% endurance, 5/5 berserker, 8/8 ursine strength, 5/5 porcine / boar heart.

Went in blind thinking it would be easy because I outleveled the content (it says level 50 when entering). I got 100-0 from smelter’s wrath. After, I looked it up, it is a telegraphed attack I could have avoided / warcried for. Is it intended to 1 shot? Were my defenses not good enough for t1 arena?

Can post more info if needed, just super confused. first death I’ve had that left a sour taste in my mouth.

the damage in the game is unbalanced and the defenses do not exist, the only way to progress is with builds that stake ward.

ignore this totally cynical response :slight_smile:
yes, avoid that attack - I experienced something similar. The arena bosses are kind of nuts.

No friend, it’s not, it’s just the current reality of the game, just like that, without any irony or sinism

are you saying that no class that isn’t ward based can beat T1 Vaion?

NOPE, I’m saying that the game’s defenses don’t work and that if you want to make her t4 extremely easily, it’s better to do it with a Falc that destroys her in seconds or lock that tanks her while standing still

one shots should be reserved for high-end, don’t put it in the lobby :wink:

that’s the one thing i miss from poe. my tanky RFer can facetank all of searing exarch/eaterofworld/uber/elder no problem. didnt try the uber versions tho lol

maybe the problem is ward. they gotta pump the damage pretty high when you can have 15k+ ward without much downside at all … but life characters hang with much lower ehp.

1:How much regeneration do you have? 2:did you stand still in one of the bosses big damage mechanics? 3: I see that you didn’t list if you have 100% crit avoidance, that is a big one

This happened to me the first time I did arena. I tried it again but this time I picked the options that didn’t increase the boss damage as much, and it was pretty easy. There is a slim chance I dodged everything the second time, but I doubt it. I also would have had better gear as I didn’t try it again straight away.

If you’ve chosen 100% increased damage each time (three of them I believe), the boss is doing 4 times the damage it does by default.

This may not be the issue but I thought it may be helpful.