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T-rex build help

Only really care about the passive and skills, gear comes when it comes. This right now is what I have, still not sure about swipe and warcry but dont really see anything else that will help. Dont really want to use damage abilities myself and just let the pet do all the work. Only real problem with the build right now is the raptor doesnt really have aoe and since it changes targets constantly it sometimes takes awhile to kill things since its just running back and forth between mobs that are 1 hit away. I probably wont play this build much longer since its so slow but maybe someone can fix that.

Yesterday Boardman posted his version of Raptor build - Solo Raptor Beastmaster 0.8.2I Build Guide - #2 by Evok

but yes Raptor lacks good AoE :frowning:

Thats not a raptor build thats a maelstrom ice thorn build

Maelstrom and Ice thorns are only for buffs (dodge, armor etc).

It’s really the raptor doing all the damage. Maelstrom and Ice Thorns are here for survivability.