T-Pose Returns with Rive and Forge Strike combo

When using Rive and Forge Strike in a back-to-back sequence, then you attempt to move you will get stuck in a T-Pose that causes reduced gameplay and frame rate drop. I attempted to do a short video but the quality was not acceptable. Since the frame rate drop also affected the video.

This is probably related to the known issue that some refer to as iceskating, skateboarding or basically the animation freezing while the char moves… Fairly easy to make it happen when using a skill/while holding down a movement or some combination of a movement skill & another… Very easy to do with Sentinel builds but can be done with Rogues too… I think Mike even had it happen to him on his last stream…

Devs have confirmed they are working on a solution for this.

The only difference is that you mention that this affects FPS… the issue I mention hasnt come with an FPS drop - at least no one reporting the bug mentioned that and when I replicated the issue myself I didnt notice the same… perhaps an odd hiccup but I have found you can skate around without any performance issue…

Perhaps this FPS drop is unique to those two skills… or is it that your situation the char doesnt actually move along? but sticks in place with the t-pose?

Patch F is meant to fix the known animation movement issue…

After updating, can you check if its also resolved your specific variation where the FPS loss was noticed?

I am away on an extended work deployment. It’s not going to be possible for me to test

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