T Pose on Serpent Strike

Serpent Strike for Primalist is causing T Pose Animation on use.

Video clip of issue can be found

It’s been doing that for at least six months, but it only happens when you use serpent strike without having a spear equipped which is required to use the skill so probably not a high priority bug.

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Right I get what you are saying but if it’s been a bug this long it seems like a quick and easy fix would be to either:

  1. Allow other weapons other than just Polearm


  1. Have the skill be blocked from use if you don’t have a Polearm equipped

Either of these would prevent the issue from happening. I shouldn’t be able to use the skill without the “required” weapon or else allow all weapon types.

Also, just because something has been happening for a long time doesn’t mean it isn’t a priority as it could be the Devs are either unaware of the bug or might have forgotten about it.

Testing new patches for software often means intentionally going and trying to force old bugs to happen again to see if the issue has been fixed, has changed in some degree or is still needing to be addressed.

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