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System requirement?

Hi guys. I just bought this game and downloading it right now. My computer is kind of outdated.

Can my Window 10, 64-bits, Intel Core i3-4160 CPU 3.60 GHz, GeForce GTS 450 run this game okay? I don’t need the fanciest graphic but I need it not lag as bad as when I play another game that’s in beta now (Wolcen). That game requires higher system and I don’t have it.

That system doesn’t seem to meet our current system recommendations. Please reach out to if you encounter any issues and we’ll be happy to help.

Oh no. But can it still run okay? I hope so. I am looking forward to test this game. I like the class systems so far. Going to try Beastmaster if it’s available.

Wow and thanks for the super fast reply!!!

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It is available! :slight_smile:

I’ve only personally tested the game on a single system so far. What I’d say is to try out the game - you would need to lower the settings - and if there’s any issues, just let us know.

OH no!!! I paid $10 thinking that’s a Supporter pack. I don’t have access to Alpha. :frowning: I didn’t choose the $50 one. darn it!!! ugh… any way to upgrade that? Or ? I don’t see the point of having $10 option if it doesn’t allow people to try Alpha. :frowning:

We can arrange either a refund or an upgrade if you contact It’s our policy not to discuss payment-related issues over the forum, hope you understand. :slight_smile:

Ok. I will email for upgrade.

Question. How playable is Alpha right now? I see there are quite a few subclasses. All of them are ready for testing or just a few?

Is this game close to Beta now? By the way, you reply so fast! so awesome.

The following classes are available;

  • Acolyte
    • Lich
    • Necromancer
  • Knight
    • Sentinel
    • Void Knight
  • Mage
    • Sorcerer
    • Spellbalde
  • Primalist
    • Beastmaster
    • Shaman

Thanks. I just emailed the support team about upgrading.

I got a ASUS Radeon hd 6970 2g vram videocard, i7 2600k and 16g ram, i play Grim Dawn at 1440p at high graphic no problem But in Last Epoch i am ok until i am in town then i drop at 6-8 fps and now in act 2 it’s terrible all the time even at low graphic and i am at 1080p. What videocard do you need to run this game? i am looking at a gtx 1070 will it be ok at launch?

We’re improving performance over time, so you should see improvement on your current card in future updates. A GTX 1070 will be plenty to play the game.

I have no issues playing with my GTX 1050 Ti and I run i7 920 with 16gb pc DDR3

I can run many game that are more demanding in term of graphic it’s not normal that i cannot play this one, i can’t even play at very low. If i put the graphic at low or very high i get same lag. Some area i play with 0 lag at very high graphic 32fps stable and i move to another area like the forest and i drop to 6/8 fps and those zone stay at 6-8 fps even if i drop to very low graphic.

If you have Advanced Grass enabled, could you see if disabling it helps?

I have a 750gs 8gb ram and play Grim Dawn/Path of Exile at max with no fps issues, but yes in this game the fps drop like hell (some areas 5/7 fps). i have low quality with everything turn off mostly. and the fps are pretty damn low, turning grass quality off helps a lot but still…

alpha anyways…

The advanced Grass was already off. I did some testing, It doesn’t matter what i do with the graphic control. There are places i can play and others i can’t, if i go in The Last Archive or Upper district i play at 60fps + at very low with all at off and at 25-32 fps at ultra with all on, it’s very playable BUT if i go to The lower Archive or The concil chambers it dosen’t matter if i am at very low with all off or at ultra with all on i am at 6 to 12 fps, mostly 8fps.

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