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Sync's Bug Report #1

Hey guys,

Have some multiple bugs to report. I’ll do the same thing as my other thread with gifs.
Some of these may or may not be bugs depending on how you look at it. Also not sure if you guys know about some of these or not… Is there a known bug thread I didn’t see?

  1. Drop Bug

How To: Shift + Right Click item. Keep cursor on item. Open crafting panel (F). Move cursor while it’s still on item. Left click. Item then drops and your character moves to where you clicked behind the UI.

  1. Transplant Teleport Bug

How To: This can happen when your cursor is on black behind the map. Hover your cursor over a black area if you clip the camera in the terrain, use transplant ability. BAM! You just teleported to the waypoint. I have done this in the last archives as well.

  1. AI stuck behind other mob

How To: Honestly not sure. Dont know if I can reproduce but hopefully this gif is enough to reproduce this via dev magic?

  1. Alt Tab Bug

How To: Simple. Alt tab out of game, alt tab back into game. Now the game thinks you’re hold alt until you press alt again.

  1. Hover Bug

How To: I’m calling this a bug because I believe it unintended. Just open any panel and your cursor will highlight the waypoint. I believe the cursor should not interact with anything behind the UI.

  1. NPC Text Bug

How To: Just talk to any NPC and walk away. The dialogue box will still open until you close it. It should close automatically after certain distance.

  1. Click Hold Hover Bug

How To: Click and hold to move. Have cursor over waypoint while never letting go of cursor and waypoint will open. It should not open unless specifically clicked on.

  1. Pixel skip waypoint interaction

How To: Zoom in on character. Click your feet and you will skip move over waypoint. Not sure if bug but thought I’d mention.

Thanks for checking this out!

While we do sincerely appreciate the reports, it would be great if you could post one thread per issue in future.

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