Symbol of Demise

I’m trying to figured out why this drop is so garbage? The item has a Ward retention and a Ward gain on kill affixes. However, this is all for moot since the next affix is every 3 seconds your ward (all of it) is removed for s stack of demise (And this is always refresh every 3 seconds).

What is the point of having the Ward affixs for only less than 3 seconds? I understand the bleed buff(s) you are getting, but the the loss of ward in less than 2 seconds is awful. Please redo this piece.

It isn’t meant to be for ward gen. Ward is a means to an end, which is the bleed. Using this would mean the player would be looking for other sources of EHP, and using any sources of ward to power their bleeds.

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I understand that, but every 3 seconds? And having those affixes is really a waste with this fast turn around.

I haven’t found a build that uses this item at all. Kinda explains it’s worthlessness.

Well if you can’t find a build for it, it’s clearly worthless.*

In all seriousness, that would be a ‘niche’ item for a ‘niche’ build. If I ever get it to drop, Ill try to make something out of it and PM ya. Happy hunting!

*: False

Messed around with it yesterday on a Lich Bleed/Leech build with rip blood converted from HP to ward. Consistently got 30-50 stacks. If anything, the only part that could use a buff is the limit to 200% bleed chance. I would rather see that at 300%+ to get even more damage on large packs.

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It’s a pity the Paladin can’t really generate much ward to use this to then convert the bleed into ignite via Maehlin’s gloves.

Because convoluted build mechanics are good!

Yeah, I really wanted to do a Sentinel with this. The problem is, it’s a catalyst, and sentinel can get good ward gen, but only with block. Otherwise, it’s just the ward per second from Holy Aura and ward on hit from idols. But even then, the build relies on getting hit without a shield…

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