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I’ve read that when you choose a fraction for another character, you automatically get the rank of the fraction that was previously chosen for another character. Furthermore, items from one guild cannot be used for a character from another guild. Is that right?

What happens when I change fractions? For example, I have chosen Circle of Fortune (CoF) for a Paladin (level 98) and I’am currently rank 7 there. Now I am levelling up a Void Knight. If I now join this fraction, I should also have rank 7 - if what I have read is right. But I would like to try Merchant’s guild for the Void Knight. However, if I later switch back to the CoF, do I will have rank 7 there again and be able to use the CoF items?

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Rank in one faction has nothing to do with rank in the other. They need to be leveled separately…

You don’t lose reputation when you switch from one to the other, but that reputation does not transfer to the faction you switch to. Any earned Favour will be lost when you leave a faction.

CoF characters can use CoF tagged items, and MG characters can use MG tagged items. Both can use items that are not faction-tagged.

Generally switching factions is not a good idea. It’s enough of a pain to level one faction.

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Many thanks!

My question goes in another direction. I know that rank in one fraction has nothing to do with the rank in another fraction and they both need to be leveled separately. Example as follows:

Paladin: CoF rank 7 - I do not switch this fraction!
Void Knight: MG (not chosen yet, so it’s theoretically) and leveling up to e.g. rank 6

Theory crafting:
Later I switch the Void Knights fraction to CoF and instantly get rank 7. I also can use CoF items immediately. So my question: which disadvantages do I have? When I later switch back again to MG, I will not lose reputation and should have rank 6 instantly. Are these thoughts right or do I have a mistake inside?

Your Void Knight would no longer be able to use anything purchased and MG tagged. Your VK would also lose all MG Favour (not reputation).

If your VK then switches back to MG, all your account’s CoF favour would be wiped out, even though you still have a Paladin in CoF.

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