Swirling Maelstrom passive

I’ve been trying out some totem builds and I’ve read the Shaman’s passive “Swirling Maelstrom”.

Can I synergize with it with Maelstrom’s passives “Storm’s Aid” and “Vortex”?
It is worth that “Chance to cast Maelstrom when hit: 30%”?

I have not tested this interaction entirely, but I believe the passive “Swirling Maelstrom” will only target you and not any of your minions.

I know that, I wanted to know if that passive synergizes with these passives:


Sorry, left some implied functionality in my response. If the spell is cast on you, as we are assuming from the “Swirling Malestrom” passive, that maelstrom instance would not (or should not, this is beta) be affected by “Vortex” since the cast isn’t on a totem, it is on you.