Swipe Dw melee build advice(fresh new player)

Bought the game last night and most of the thinks on google say that is ok to make my own build. I want to make a dw build based on physical dmg .Is this any good? i dont want to get to endgame and not work( i know i can respec but i dont want to be forced to swap class to be able to play a dw melee build that can do endgame)
So this is what i have atm , after few hours of gameplay and reading the skills.I only planned the skills, as i dont know items at all atm)

Selfmade build

Any advices are gladly apreciated

Hello and welcome ot the LE community!

I glanced over your build and it looks decent. There are some slight inefficiencies, but nothing major.
This would definitely bring you through normal monolith up to empowered, when you use the right items.

My first question is, do you want to deal the majority of the damage yoruself or do you want the Bear to deal the damage?

Your idea of a hit-based build, that utilizes bleed ot maximize the damage of Summon Bear is great. But you really need to go all in then. Hybrid builds usually don’t work that well and you only chose one companion skill.

First issue I discovered: You only took one of the Solo Companion Beastmaster Passives (Natural Bond), but you forgot to take Artor’s Loyalty (that is another 85% more damage for your bear).

Alternatively, if you want your minions to do the heavy lifting I would suggest going with 2 companions and also spec into the Raptor, which has a lot of bleed support as well.

You could also ditch the bleeding part and go hit/crit based. (respeccing swipe into Twin Fangs + some adjustments to the passives and skills).

Regardless of what route you will go, there is anotehr passive that you completely neglected: Rending Maw and Hunters of the Deep.
The latter will give Aspect of the Shark also to your companions and the former will make you (and your companion) cause armour shred, which is very strong.

Next thing: You spend 8/8 points in Life in the Wilderness, but not a single point in Avian Shelter or Hawk Wing.
Life in the Wilderness is a very strong 1 pointer and you usually don#t need to cap it.
Hawk Wings is amazing and basically provides you with permanent haste uptime during combat with enough points.

Avian Shelter doesn’t need to be capped, but is much better at keeping your bear alive.

Once you enter higehr difficulties its important to balance offense and defense.
You really want to keep your Bear alive.

Overall your build is solid and will succeed, but there are a lot of things that can be optimized.
Since you left your items empty, I can’t say if the rest of your plan will work or not, but the gear will also be very important, especially for the survival aspect.

If you develop your build further and want more help just post an update here, maybe with items as well.


Wow thank you so much for an amazing reply.My goal is to try to do the damage myself and the bear to be more of a helper.I will look in the skills you mentioned and i will revise it and post a new one as soon as i am done.I chosed bear because i believed is the best pet for the dw build.I might be wrong

You could also ditch the bleeding part and go hit/crit based. (respeccing swipe into Twin Fangs + some adjustments to the passives and skills)

that was what had in mind.I have alot to research:D

I initially thought you choose bear because it has Bleed/Hit synergies, which would be a fair point.

If you want to do the damage yourself I think hit/crit with DW Twin Fang + Aspect of the Lynx would be better.
Not sure if oyu want a companion at all then. But Wolves or Sabertooth might fit better then.

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That was the reason i choosed, but i had no clue u can try hit /crit because my mind set was .Chose a skill ,then a companion, and then build around.I should have started choose what kind of dmg i want and then think .I have to get my daughter outside for a bit, and after i will come and post a new link .If you have any idea on what stats should i go on gear, beside the ovious crit,lifesteal ,hp ,etc

If oyu go DW, try throwing at least one +% crit chance affix on one of your weapons.
Add some flat damage and attack speed and you are good.

Defensively Health + Endurance is solid.
And try getting resistances to at least 65-70% (capping is not necessary in LE and can be later min-maxed

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I have a dillema .Should i go with sabertooth and lose the etteras Blessing passive called Savage boom( wont ork only with wolf or bear) or switch to wolf? just after i wrote this i will check the wolf out


these are the 2 variants i thinked about :

wolf variant

saber variant

100% inc physical damage is not a lot, ocne your character is geared.

All sources of %inc. damage are additive with each other.
On a decent build you will get 600-800% increased damage.

You are also using Warcry and Eterra’s Blessing as heals.
You coudl ditsh Eterra’s Blessing entirely and go for Frenzy Totem as well.

I really can’t tell you which variant of the build you should play.
But that is the beauty of LE, respeccign within one mastery is incredibly easy.
Just go ahead and test thigns out.
Experiment iwth different varations and stick to what makes most fun for you.

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i see, i will twink more with the build,if i need help i will ask:)

Edit : will wolf howl stack with frenzy totem?

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You can only have 1 Frenzy. But the other effect of Howl will stack with the Frenzy from Frenzy Totem.

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