Swipe dmg calculation (and maybe skill itself) is bugged

I have the lightning conversion nodes that convert 100% of my base dmg to lightning, 5 points in Umjol’s Guidance. Only added dmg on my gear is lightning. Yet the tooltip reacts to increased phys dmg with same benefits than when I equip inc lightning dmg.

Is the conversion not working? Am I literally wasting time stacking lightning penetration?
Or am I unfairly gaining benefits from the inc. phys dmg when I shouldn’t be?

Please explain, I don’t know how to build my char anymore.


Oh! Ok so it wasn’t just me. I’ve been sitting here running through echoes wondering why the bonuses to damage weren’t present. I took all of the points out of Umjol’s Guidance and my damage was exactly the same as if I’d had 5 points in it.

The build I’m using felt pretty weak overall, just an idea i had after getting the stormhide paws on a different character. What I’m guessing, just off of the top of my head, is that it’s only actually benefiting from the 30% lightning damage granted by Storm’s Claw and the base damage from Umjol isn’t working (consequently making the lightning pen from Storm’s Scour a lot less effective)? That’s my theory, anyway.

It would be really nice to get some clarification from the devs. It’s really confusing, because lightning pen from items seemed to boost the DPS number quite a fair bit, yet the Guidance passives did absolutely nothing for calculations.

And as a piece of general feedback: could we please have a piece of interface where we can see the split values of flat damage? Like how much flat phys, lightning etc. the skill has? It’s seriously needed, it’s not the first time I struggle with optimizing my build because I lack that info.

I can’t even get 5 points in Umjol’s Guidance. It only let’s me spend 4/5. Every lvl up I try it but I can only spend the point somewhere else. If I unequip an +1 swipe item I get to 3/5. Additionally I dont feel the dmg difference too.

You need to test that on the dummy. Tooltips are inconsistents, let’s put it that way to be nice. And if it doesn’t work like it should do please make a bug report in the bug section.