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Swarmblade/Thorn Shield/Spell - Feedback

I made this build by looking at what others has made on YT, but not seen anyone trying to focus on both Damage Reflect from torn shield AND the burst damage at the same time. using hazel root’s bonus to physical spell damage.

Im level 71 right now and it is working VERY well, bt like some feedback on what can be better when i get to more difficulty things.

All gear will focus on Attunement/Health and Resist.
I already now have almost max armor %.
and have insane attack speed to proc. thorn shield.

I tried using Summon Spriggan first over serpent strike, and worked very well, but then at higher level it simply started to die way to often.
So im trying to level up the serpent strike at the moment. And im not sure what will be best as i have 3 points left. +15 AS or +60% bleed. I feel i have enough AS, so the bleed is good, but i really don’t have any bonuses the scale the bleed as i focus on physical spell damage from Thorn Shield, Mealstrom, and Tornado.

So any feedback on what i can do better or need to change :)?
Let me hear.