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Swarmblade Rage Management

Hey everyone! I did some looking and haven’t really found the answer I am looking for. I just created a Primalist build focusing on Swarmblade. My question is this, why does the rage drop so insanely fast that you can’t really stay in the form for very long unless you are fighting a yellow name? I looked through the tree but there is really nothing that I see that will allow you to stay transformed for very long. Am I missing something?

  • Grasshopper’s Frenzy for rage on your/Locust crit,
  • Carnage for rage on hit with Swarm Strike & Dive,
  • Springer’s Fury for rage on Dodge,
  • Bountiful Hibernacula for rage on Locust release from a hive.

That’s also assuming you’ve not also taken Spriggan Form for the rage per second per vine (Garden of Rage) & you then get vines proc’d automatically from either Eterra’s Path boots or the 8 point bonus from the Toxic Reach Druid passive (36% chance to summon a vine on kill) if you don’t want to take up the boot slot but don’t mind using a skill slot for basically rage generation.

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On top of what Llama said, there is a passive node that reduces rage decay and stops it completely while out of combat.

Are you playing with Tornado? If so, you will likely need eterras path + vines to generate rage, because the other options are not so good …