Swarmblade Not Benefitting from Apogee of Frozen Light

After taking the Frost Bites node on Swarmblade Form, the skill becomes a Cold and Minion skill. This means it should receive +3 skill from Apogee of Frozen Light, but it does not.

I tested it, and Swarmblade does benefit from +cold skills and +minion skills from other items, but Apogee appears to be bugged. Please fix this! This unique would be BiS for my build if it worked.

Please help!


So fare as i know. Swarmblade has Cold Skills (Physical to Cold Conversion) and Minion in it, but the Scalling Tag is Physical, Melee, Minion and not Cold or something else.
That’s why, it dosen’t Work for Swarmblade. And i think, it’s more for a Necromancer Minion Build, or somethings else.

When the Frost Bites node is taken, the skill gains the cold scaling tag. I tested an item with +cold skills to see if it affected Swarmblade, and it does. The problem is that Apogee is not recognizing Swarmblade as a cold minion skill, even though it has both tags.

So for my understanding, the Frozen Light has:

+3 to Cold and Necrotic Minion Skills

You need minimum a Skill there have Cold Damage “AND” Necrotic Minions at the same Time in it, means both.
So if it said “or”, then +3 Cold would be indicated, even without Minions.
And Swarmblade has Minions “Locust”, but there is no Necrotic Damage and or Conversion on it.

And only + Cold Skills without any other direct impliced, works anytime when converted to Cold

That is simply incorrect. The weapon provides +3 skill points to any skill that has cold and minion tags (or necrotic and minion tags).

This is a pretty straightforward bug. I really hope they address it because it would unlock a lot of build versatility, which is the point of the weapon.

“This is not supposed to work like that since Spriggan Form and Swarmblade Form are not minion skills themselves, they have minion skills in them. I can see why people would think this would work since they have minions on the scaling tags. I’m gonna see what we can do for clarifying how these interactions are supposed or not supposed to work.” From a dev, for clarification, its been asked many times since the sword was introduced.

you say its not supposed to work with minion skills, but it definitely works with Artor’s legacy + to minion skills… so theres definitely discrepancy on how they are choosing to apply the + to skills

Exactly! +minion does work for Swarmblade so it makes no sense to me that it would not work for Apogee.

If this is the result, it’s very disappointing and not at all intuitive. The only way to achieve the locust skill is through Swarmblade. If I could specialize in locusts separately, I would, but I cannot. So I don’t see why it makes sense to punish Druids just because they have minion skills that cannot be chosen as a specialization.

Also, what is the lore justification here? Swarmblade literally lets you summon over a dozen minions at once. How much more minion-y does the skill have to be?

You guys totally misunderstood, which is the point of it not being clear! Apogee is COLD MINION SKILL, while swarmblade is a COLD SKILL / MINION tag, Artors works for simple MINION tag, Apogee needs COLD MINION which is not. Skeleton mage is a minion skill, Thorn totem is a minion skill, swarmblade is not a minion skill, it just has minion tag for it cuz theres a minion subskill. You cannot give skill points to a subskill that has no tree.

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