Swarmblade Form Health Leech seems not to work

Im currently swapping between Werebear and Swarmblade which is a lot of fun but while i leech a lot in Werebear(Swipe) i leech none in Swarmblade(Mainly using Armblades). I use Swarmblade Form’s Node Viper’s Call which makes Armblades use Serpent Strike’s Skill Tree, just to provide the Info. Oh and i have the same Health Leech on both (3% from Primalist Tree and 4% on Crit from Druid Tree). Also im playing a physical melee hit build with both, so no dots, i know dots dont work with health leech on melee hit.

EDIT: I did a mistake. I DO have 2 points in Swipes Way of the Hunt node which gives me 4% dmg leeched as health, but still the other half of my Leech comes from the passive tree so i should still notice an effect in Swarmblade Form.

I did some testing with a horned cowl base (implicit 4% damage leeched as health on hit) and i noticed a big leech effect on Swarmblade attacks. So are those different kinds of leech? I thought there is only leech for melee hits, leech for spell damge, leech for all damage and leech effectiveness. The wordings seem a little inconsistent.

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