Swappable alternate specs on one character?

Hi Everyone!

I’m fairly new to LE but absolutely loving it so far, it’s the kind of game where I’m thinking about it when I’m not playing, and I can’t really bring myself to play any other games.

I think that what keeps drawing me back to this game is that it offers so many build options and respeccing is fairly easy/low-cost. This ability to constantly tweak your build ideas makes activities that would be monotonous like doing monos over and over again feel fresh and interesting. The game caters to this “tinkerer” play style far better than any other aRPG I’ve played and I love that.

But there is one feature that I really feel this game could benefit from, and that’s the ability to have or unlock swappable alternate specializations. In other words, the game would allow you to “save” your passives and skill tree allotments to a slot, and then switch between that slot and another. This would let you save a build you really like, and experiment with other builds, while being able to switch back to your main build whenever you feel like it. I think this would take away the main annoyance of tinkering/respeccing, which is “losing” a build that you really liked in order to experiment with a new one.


That is the D3 system. There was (very) recently a thread about this. Basically can’t be done because skill respecs require you to relevel them and that’s not the type of gameplay the devs (or most players) want.

The devs don’t like/want it (and by “it” I mean easy skill respecs on the fly). Though they have mentioned some kind of system where you “load” a build & the game shows you which points to allocate where/when. But if you respec’d you’d still have to relevel your skills.

I would be okay with that. The main annoyance with respeccing is having to keep track of what your old build was. I would prefer to have at least one hot swappable respec, but at least being able to record builds in an auto-builder is better than nothing.

The closest we’ve got at the moment would be saving your builds on LEtools I imagine.

Thanks! I would give it a try, but I’ll be honest, I don’t really want to spend time entering a build in another site. So I’ll just hope that one day it gets added haha :slight_smile: .

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You don’t need to enter the build, you can just import it from your account.

Oh nice! I will def use it then! Thanks!

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