Surge's Electropulse + Ride the Lightning

I was assuming from “Ride the Lightning” that increases do Surge’s damage would affect Lightning Blast damage from Electropulse and Stormbringer, or else what would be the point of Ride the Lightning?
That made me expect other nodes such as Lightning Rush and Conduit would also affect triggered Lightning Blasts. However, from testing on the dummy, I’m pretty sure they don’t.
What have I got wrong here?

That is a bit of an odd node. I wouldn’t expect a node on a skill to affect a proc’d spell unless the node explicitly says it would (like Firebrand’s Illuminating Fire and Incineration nodes). Given that Surge only does melee damage it wouldn’t benefit from % lightning spell damage but it would affect procs such as Spark Charges and Fire Auras (if converted to lightning).

Thanks for your reply.
I suppose it’s just the way it was written then.
It’s a pity though. I wish damage nodes would affect triggered spells.

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